Cheng-Yi Lin

Cheng-Yi Lin

- Founder

Personal Details

Mr. Lin, Cheng-Yi has been working in factories in Taiwan and China for many years. At first he was a factory assistant manager in a factory size of 120 works for 2 years in Taiwan, and eventually he started his own factory in China size of 20 workers since 2017 also title as factory supervisor in a Taiwanese factory in China. Thereafter, he has also been a part of another venture which is a tea packing company in Taiwan, that specializes in PLA tea bag packing. By using the environmental care material we found lots of customers who enjoy this idea.

Extremely organized and thinks on the feet attitude with a strong business sense. He has a strong capability to nurture and maintain relationships at all levels that has consistently delivered decisive and profitable results.

With his rich experience at the first line of factories and master degree education, he can solve most the problem in the production lines. He has also successfully handled his production from buying raw materials to manufacture, shipping and sells. Thus, he will play a pivotal role in arranging for raw materials as required by the research team for continuous innovation and introduction of various class of product essentially being TPE with its individual and unparallel features.