Non-Porous TPE

TPE by Globe Above doesn’t have any pores in it, which makes it more suitable for many use cases.

Highly Breathable

TPE by Globe Above is highly breathable which makes it the choice for consumer goods and other applications.

Eliminates Odour

With it’s special physical properties, it eliminates the odour of sweat and any other special smell accordingly.

Better Protection

TPE by Globe Above extends Free Liquid Penetration, it is Windproof, it has Antibacterial properties.

About Us

Globe Above | Innovation & Evolution

Globe Above is an Research and Innovation Organization which has Developed a Hybrid TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), is working on developing eco friendly and environment friendly alternatives of Silicon, Rubber, and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic.

  • Highly experienced team of industry experts
  • Extensive Research & Development Department
  • Environment Friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Automation at its best
  • Best alternative for Silicon, Rubber, and PVC.
  • Usable in manufacturing Textile, Outdoor Wear, Shoes, Neck and Back Rest, Food Packaging, PPE Kits, Medical Equipments, Roofing, etc.
About Us


Hybrid TPE developed by Globe Above is a unique and a very useful product


Everyone working on the Research and Development are experts in their industries

Eco Friendly

TPE is Eco friendly alternatives of Silicon, Rubber, and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic.

Why Choose Our TPE

Key Differentiating Features of TPE Developed by Globe Above

Design Flexibility

TPE by Globe Above is Physical Mix of Polymers and offers Design Flexibility

Lower Fabrication Costs

Due to Design Flexibility, the overall fabrication cost of TPE by Globe Above is reduced a lot.

Shorter Processing Times

Liyang has designed a very efficient production process to reduce the processing time.

Recyclable Scrap

The scrap produced at each level of development process is completely recyclable.

Low Energy Consumption

It takes comparatively less energy to produce the unique Hybrid TPE developed by Globe Above

Product Quality Control

We have full control over the Quality of Final Product Produced by carefully controlling the entire process.

Broader Range in Product Density

The Hybrid TPE can be produced in a wide range of density according to the custom requirements.

Lower per-piece Finished Part Cost

For our customers, the total cost of material in their manufacturing process is reduced by using our TPE.

Environment Friendly

TPE by Globe Above is a great alternative for the materials that harm the environment in many ways.

Industries We Serve

Providing TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) Solutions for Following Industry Leader


PPE Kits

Most breathable and Non-Porous TPE for PPE kits.



Odour Eliminating Properties of TPE are useful in Food Packaging and other packaging.


Consumer goods

Outdoor wear and travelling gears and other consumer goods manufacturers.



Back and Neck Rest products, to replace PVC and Rubber.


Adhesives and Sealants

Non-Porous property of TPE is very useful for Adhesive and Sealants.


Roofing Industry

Asphalt for Roofing can utilize the TPE by Globe Above.


Medical Products

Medical Products requiring non-leaking properties can use TPE.


Industrial Products

TPE can be used in manufacturing of industrial products requiring specific properties.


Cable Jacketing

TPE can replace PVC in Cable Jacketing for it’s melt resistance property.(Ref)